Sundried Seaweed

Wild, naturally salted, harvested from the pure Atlantic sea, and laid out to dry on rocks in the Westfjord sun

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You don´t need candy
when you have a packet of “söl
enjoyed by Icelanders for over 1000 years

In Icelandic, seaweed (dulse) is known as söl.

Seaweed has been used in Iceland for over 1000 years as food, animal fodder, fuel and for medicinal purposes. It was collected from shallow waters, in late summer, when the seaweed was mature. In some places it was washed thoroughly in fresh water, dried like hay, and then packed in barrels or special huts where it was kept dry and compressed, sometimes for months on end.

Seaweed was often eaten daily with dried fish and butter, with milk, or on top of bread. It may have been used as a substitute for vegetables and as a source of vitamins, with the advantage of being easily preserved. Today, seaweed is used to enhance soups and sauces, as a topping on pizzas, or simply as a healthy snack right from the packet.

FISHERMAN Sundried Seaweed is completely natural and contains no preservatives. It is rich in minerals and chemical compounds that are fundamental for the body.

FISHERMAN is based in Suðureyri, an environmentally friendly fishing village in the Westfjords of Iceland. We take pride in providing you with seaweed harvested by hand from the clear, cold Atlantic Ocean. Once the harvest is gathered it’s air-dried at low temperatures using completely renewable energy. We simply favour handmade quality over price.

Cured Cod with Seaweed
Season the cod with an equal amount of salt and finely chopped seaweed
Add a pinch of sugar
Season evenly
Wrap the cod in a plastic wrap and leave it to cure overnight in a fridge
Ready for serving

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