Our goal in starters is to do something fun and interesting

The confused troutSmoked Rainbow trout, rye bread crumbs, cream cheese and lime sauce

Cod, hiding in dulseCod and dulse on toast with trout spawns

Honey I burned the Shrimp 

Scorched shrimp with cauliflower risotto, roasted sunflower seeds and lime oil


Our goal with the main courses is to help you experience the food culture of a small fishing village

Fish in wolf’s clothingFlambéed Atlantic wolffish with cognac cream sauce, potatoes with smoked paprika and salad

Our village’s main exportBraised cod loin with aioli garlic topping, mashed potatoes and salad

A pleasant surprisePan fried starry ray with onion, dill and fennel mash and salad

The time machineBoiled hanged cod with greaves, potatoes and rye bread with butter

Lamb, on a stick, from the fireBirch grilled lamb meat spears with salad and a mix of pan fried root vegetables

No animals were harmedPan fried root vegetables with Cauliflower risotto and salad


Our Goal in desserts is that they should be sweet, small and cheap

Ballerina in a jarPavlova with whipped cream and fresh berries

“Borrowed” rhubarb in icecreamHomemade ice cream with rhubarb chutney

The chocolate forestBirch flavored chocolate cake with birch flavored sorbet


Children are big gourmets, so we put effort into finding something suitable upon request. Mommies, daddies, grandmas and grandpas, talk to the waiter and we will do something fun for the kids.