Open May 1st – October 1st 2017

Come in, kick your feet up and relax. We offer a wide selection of food and drinks.

Welcome to the CAFÉ, the heart of the town, located opposite the KITCHEN restaurant. It is a special place to be as it obtains its relaxed atmosphere and cozy environment not only from the people who work here, but also from the sum of historical parts and relicts it is made of. So come by, sit back and enjoy everything the café has to offer.

Enjoy wonderful refreshments such as coffee, tea, cakes as well as light meals. The café also has a full bar and you can surf the Internet, buy local artwork, discover district relicts, or scan trough the local newspaper, records and more. In today’s café there used to be a great local store with a wide product range.

Here, history is central. When designing our café we tried to focus on the period 1960 to 1975. Before the modern plastic fish tubs came to the market, the hold in fishing boats was sectioned with wooden boards. The front of our counter is made from such boards from a boat named Ingimar Magnússon ÍS 650 which ran from Suðureyri for many years.

We have loads of National Geographic magazines containing the history from that time. On the walls are old newspaper clippings, handwritten invoices from the store and weather books that contain all accounts of weather from that period. So if you want to know how windy or warm (meaning cold) it was in Suðureyri in, for example October 1967, go ahead and look it up.