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Welcome to Fisherman Iceland


FISHERMAN offers a low key, local experience in Suðureyri, the most sustainable and remote fishing village in Iceland. Fisherman offers three types of tours, emphasising on either the culture, the nature or the food. For those who want to stay, Fisherman runs a small hotel with a coffee shop and a restaurant where the finest chefs prepare the freshest fish you will ever taste. And before you leave we have a small range of local product for you to buy as a momentum.


We will be opening a Fish Joint located at Hagamelur 67 where customers can buy fresh gourmet fish products.

Our products will also be available for sale in all Hagkaup stores from June 1st 2017.

Make yourself at home

FISHERMAN HOTEL offers single rooms, double rooms and family rooms with or without private facilities. A self-catering facility is located in the building. Wireless Internet connection is available free of charge. Please note that all rooms and the restaurant are a non-smoking environment. For your convenience, we offer a pickup service from Isafjordur airport.

Savor the flavor

Our KITCHEN restaurant offers a breakfast buffet in the morning and a specialized, delicious “a la carte” fish menu during the evening.
Our Café is located inside the old town storehouse, oppisite of Fisherman KITCHEN.
The cafe is open from 8:00 – 23:00 from 1. May until 1.October.

Tours with a taste from the past

This is your chance to hear about life in a small fishing village at the edge of the Arctic Circle. We offer TOURS exploring the Westfjords where you can get a glimpse of our fishing heritage, nature and food with a local guide. These guided day tours bring you closer to our historical and modern fishing lifestyle, while walking through a few charming fishing villages and stunning landscapes.

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